There are many factors in life that can change your vagina. From childbirth, to aging, the muscles in the walls of your vagina can change over time, becoming less resistant to pressure and cause you discomfort in life. Vaginoplasty is a very common vaginal rejuvenation surgical treatment that can refine the feel and function of your vagina. This involves surgically tightening the vagina and removing excess skin.

How Do We Do Vaginoplasty?

Vaginal tightening and vaginoplasty can be performed under either general or local anesthetic, depending on the requirements of the patient. Once anaesthetized, Dr. Michael K. Obeng will start by delineating the skin to be removed. An incision is made to access the muscles behind the mucousal skin. Sutures are placed to tighten the vaginal canal, and if protruding skin becomes an issue, then it will be removed.

What Does Vaginoplasty Treat?

  • Loose muscles in the vaginal walls
  • Improves the visual appearance of the vagina
  • Enhancement of sexual pleasure
  • Reduces risk of urinary incontinence

Cost For Vaginoplasty

The costs involved for Vaginoplasty can differ, depending on the goals of the patient. For a comprehensive assessment of your needs, schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael K. Obeng at MiKO Plastic Surgery, Beverly Hills by calling (310) 275-2705. If you are planning on visiting our clinic from outside of the Los Angeles area, then visit the travel section of our website to find all of your travel options.

Recovery Time For Vaginoplasty

The recovery time for Vaginoplasty is varied, but you should expect to experience one or two weeks of down time. Pain will be at the peak for the first few days, but will subside soon after. In the first eight weeks, you should abstain from sexual intercourse and using a tampon. A dilator may be required if you require a lot of tightening in order to maintain proper function of your vagina.
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