Transfeminine bottom surgery

Transfeminine Bottom Surgery

The goal of the Transfeminine bottom surgery is to transform the male genitalia to that of a female. Transfeminine bottom surgery is a single stage procedure, usually the patient will under go vaginoplasty, a penile inversion surgery.

How We Do Feminine Bottom Surgery

During the procedure, Dr.Michael K.Obeng will remove your testicles and the skin around the shaft of your penis.  Your tissue is preserved to make the vagina, the penile glands and blood cells are used to form the clitoris. The urethra is converted to a female position and lastly your scrotal skin is also used to form the labia majora.

Benefits of the Transfeminine bottom surgery

  • Confidence in your skin
  • Ability to feel like yourself

What Transfeminine Bottom Surgery Costs

The cost of transfeminine bottom surgery varies depending on the patient’s goals. Please contact us and schedule a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael K.Obeng. MiKO Plastic Surgery, Beverly Hills will accommodate the most accurate cost estimates for your transfeminine bottom surgery procedural needs. If you’re not in the Beverly Hills or Los Angeles area, visit our travel section to arrange a trip to MiKO Plastic Surgery.

Recovery Time

After the transfeminine bottom surgery, Dr. Michael K.Obeng will apply bandages to the incisions and will prescribe medication to be taken during the recovery period.  If you experience any life threatening complications that require immediate emergency attention, please dial 911 immediately. For all else, please contact MiKO plastic surgery to speak with Dr.Michael K.Obeng.

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