Mommy Makeover Surgery


Mommy makeover surgery is not a surgical procedure, a mommy makeover surgery is a constellation of procedures designed to get a mother back to the days before they had their babies. Also, some people have never had babies but because of time and gravity and weight changes, things are not the same as compared years back.
Mommy makeover is mostly a breast procedure combined with other procedures aimed at turning back the hands of time. It can either be a breast lift, a breast reduction, or a breast augmentation combined with another procedure. It is usually a combination of two or more procedures.

Pregnancy and childbirth have taken their toll on your body. From stretch marks to sagging skin, you are probably thinking that all hopes of getting your body back to what it was before having your baby. A mommy makeover surgery will get you looking snatched!
The most commonly combined procedures are breast and body contouring which can be abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck), Liposuction, and Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Sometimes, even facial rejuvenation is added as a procedure for mommy makeover not to mention vaginal tightening and liposuction of the thighs and other procedures to get the body-snatched back to how it was before childbirth or gravity happened.

Who is a mommy makeover candidate?

An ideal mommy makeover candidate is a person who is healthy with ideal body weight. But you shouldn’t let these conditions preclude you.

You are probably a good candidate if you have:

  •  sagging breasts.
  •  deflated breasts after breastfeeding.
  • Loose abdominal muscles (diastasis recti).
  • realistic expectations.

When is the right time for a mommy makeover?

you can do a mommy makeover at any time but not while still breastfeeding.  To avoid the risk of infection, if you are a breastfeeding mother, you should be done with breastfeeding for at least six weeks and there should be no leaks or discharge of breast milk, and have lost some of the baby weight. Also, Dr. Obeng will provide you with a way to wean your baby off milk and get you dry before doing a breast procedure. You don’t need to worry about leaks if your desire is just to get body procedures with no breast procedures. Once you like where you are with your weight and not losing weight rapidly, then that’s the right time for a mommy makeover.

Is it safe for me to have multiple procedures performed at once?

As mentioned earlier, a mommy makeover is a constellation of procedures. If you are healthy and with no issues, you should be able to have multiple procedures performed at once. What makes the surgery safe or on safe is not the number of procedures but the amount of time spent under anesthesia for Dr. Obeng, the safe amount of time for a patient to be under anesthesia is between six to eight hours. Sometimes, any procedure over eight hours can be extensive so we break down surgeries so that most procedures are less than eight hours.

Is it mandatory for me to lose weight before mommy makeover surgery?

It is not mandatory to lose weight before having a mommy makeover. However, the closer you are to your ideal body weight the better your results. but if you don’t care about the results and just want the extra skin gone then it is not. weight loss surgery is suggested if you would like to lose some weight first before proceeding to do your mommy makeover.


How long does it take before my sutures are removed after mommy makeover surgery?

Removal of sutures after a mommy makeover depends on the procedure you had and the type of sutures used. For most of our procedures, we use subcutaneous (dissolvable or absorbable) stitches so most patients don’t need to come back to have their stitches removed. However, you’d be asked to come in for post-op visits. Dr. Obeng is a “High touch” doctor and likes to monitor his patient’s progress. He’d want to see you within seventy-two hours after the mommy makeover. Then a week, then two weeks, depending on the procedures, the rest of the follow-up appointments are scheduled to make sure the patient is healing nicely.

What do I need to do to optimize my results?

Worried about getting the best results from your mommy makeover? here are some things you can do to optimize your results

  • Make sure you are taking a good amount of protein before surgery.
  • Eating healthy.
  • Drinking lots of water.
  • Exercising.
  • After surgery follow the instructions of your surgeon.
  • If you see your scarring is not going in the right direction, alert your surgeon so that they can intervene.

If you follow all these judiciously, you will get great results.

How long will it take for my scars to heal?

Firstly, you should understand that scarring is inevitable for humans, humans heal by scarring. It takes the average scar about eighteen months to mature but most of the time. It would take about three months to know how well your scar would go. if it’s not on the favorable side then extra steps like a combination of lasers and steroid injections can be taken to help your scars heal in the right direction. Also, If you are prone to keloids, Dr. Obeng knows how to manage the scars and make sure they heal in the right direction. About healing, we advise you to be patient and allow the scars to mature completely.

What will my mommy makeover treat?

  • Loose, saggy skin as the result of pregnancy or weight loss
  • Stretch marks
  • Sagging breast tissue

How much will a mommy makeover cost me?

The costs for mommy makeover surgery depend on what issues you want to take care of. As there are many options for this surgery, the best way to get an accurate cost estimate is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael K. Obeng at MiKO Plastic Surgery, Beverly Hills by calling (310) 275-2705. Visit our travel section if you are visiting from outside the Los Angeles area so that you can make the appropriate arrangements for your travel.

Will Insurance be covering my mommy’s makeover?

Your mommy makeover surgery can be covered by insurance depending on the components of your procedures. For instance, if you are getting reconstructive procedures that meet insurance requirements like Macromastia and you are getting breast reduction as part of your procedures, or you have panniculectomy and would want to take the extra skin out then these parts of your procedures may be covered by insurance. However, if you are planning to do a  procedure that involves cosmetic procedures like facial rejuvenation or liposuction your mommy makeover will not be covered by insurance.

Mommy Makeover Recovery

How much time will it take me to recover from a mommy makeover?

Because a mommy makeover is a combination of different procedures, your recovery time depends on the procedures done and the individual.

How much time do I need to take off work after a mommy makeover?

Dr. Obeng advises you to take about two weeks before resuming work or social settings. For instance, if you had a breast reduction or breast lift with a tummy tuck, you most likely would go back to work in two weeks. Also, If you are getting a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) as part of your procedures then we advise you to take two weeks off because you are not supposed to sit down for about two weeks.

Can I still have children after a mommy makeover?

Yes, you can! If you plan to get pregnant within the next twelve months, so as not to waste your investment! It is best to wait until after having your child. If you are planning to get pregnant in two or more years or you don’t care then you are good to get your mommy makeover surgery immediately.

When can I resume my workout after mommy makeover surgery?

Dr. Obeng usually advises that you wait for about six weeks. It takes the body about six weeks to get back to about seventy percent of its original tensile strength. meaning that by six weeks, the patient can resume all pre-op activities. The tissue strength is strong enough to withstand working out, running, lifting, and all other forms of physical activity.

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