Women who are experiencing discomfort during intimacy or who are self-conscious about the appearance of their vaginal areas, labiaplasty surgery with Dr. Michael K.Obeng may be the solution for you.

vaginal rejuvenation in Beverly Hills

How We Do Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of the labia minora, the procedure is often undertaken to assist women that are experiencing discomfort with the look or feel of their vagina.

Based on the surgical plan that you create with Dr. Michael K. Obeng, your procedure will reshape and reduce the size of the labia minora to create a more compact and balanced vaginal contours.

Benefits to labiaplasty:

  • Contoured Vagina
  • Less painful intercourse
  • Confidence in swimwear

What Labiaplasty Costs

The cost of surgery varies depending on the patient’s goals. Please contact us and schedule a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael K.Obeng. MiKO Plastic Surgery, Beverly Hills will accommodate the most accurate cost estimates for your procedural needs. If you’re not in the Beverly Hills or Los Angeles area, visit our travel section to arrange a trip to MiKO Plastic Surgery.

Recovery From a Labiaplasty

After the procedure Dr. Michael K.Obeng will prescribe medication to treat swelling and pain during the recovery period. Usually, it takes about a week for patients to return back to work. Swelling and distortion is gone in about 6 weeks and residual swelling takes about 6 months to completely disappear.

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