Hairline Lowering Surgery

There are many reasons why one might want to lower their hairline. If the face is out of proportion, than this could lead to serious issues with self-esteem and body image. Hairline lowering surgery works to ease these problems by artificially creating a new hairline that sits lower on the forehead than the natural hairline. The procedure is short and heals quickly, to give you a new, more proportional look.
Hairline Lowering Surgery

How We Do Hairline Lowering Surgery

Hairline lowering surgery takes approximately two hours. Once sedated, Dr. Michael K. Obeng will make an incision across the front hairline so that the scalp can be pulled down. Another incision is made that allows for the removal of excess skin on the forehead. The incisions are closed together using sutures, which secures the new hairline in place.

What Does Hairline Lowering Surgery Treat?

  • Large foreheads
  • Receding hairlines
  • Self-esteem problems as a result of body image

Cost For Hairline Lowering Surgery

The cost for hairline lowering surgery depends on the goals of the patient. While some patients may opt for just one surgery, further lowering can be achieved by using additional methods to reduce the size of the forehead. The most accurate cost estimate can be achieved by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Michael K. Obeng at MiKO Plastic Surgery, Beverly Hills by calling (310) 275-2705. If you are visiting from outside of the Los Angeles area, be sure to visit the travel section of our website to make arrangements for your stay.

Recovery Time For Hairline Lowering Surgery

Hairline lowering surgery is a very quick and easy surgery, often only taking around two hours to complete. You will find that you are able to wash your hair the day following surgery without any discomfort. You can expect some downtime after the procedure, but you can return to work within a few days. After one week, your stitches will be removed.
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