Forehead Reduction Surgery

The forehead typically takes up one third of the area of your face, but some people find that this region is larger than others. This disproportion can often lead to self-consciousness and body image issues. Forehead reduction surgery is designed to bring your hairline lower onto your forehead so that you can maintain a properly proportioned facial structure.
Forehead reduction surgery in Beverly Hills

How We Do Forehead Reduction Surgery

Forehead reduction surgery is performed in a very short amount of time. While the patient is under anesthesia, Dr. Michael K. Obeng will make an incision at the front hairline bordering the forehead, and the excess forehead skin is removed. The scalp is brought forward and sutures are placed to close the incision and hold the new hairline in place. The procedure takes roughly two hours and the patient can go home afterwards.

What Does Forehead Reduction Surgery Treat?

  • Reduction in forehead size by one inch or more
  • Improved facial proportions
  • Improved self esteem

Cost For Forehead Reduction Surgery

The costs for forehead reduction surgery vary depending on what the patient would like to achieve. If you are interested in having forehead reduction surgery performed with Dr. Michael K. Obeng at MiKO Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, please call us at (310) 275-2705 to schedule your appointment. If you are traveling to us from out of state, use the travel section of our website to make the arrangements for your stay.

Recovery Time

Forehead reduction surgery has a very minimal recovery time. Within a day of the procedure, you will be comfortable enough to wash your hair, and you will be able to return to work within a few days. Stitches must remain in place for at least a week before removal to ensure that the new hairline stays in place.

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