Breast Reduction

Did you know that Breast Reduction is covered by insurance?

Breast reduction surgery is can be covered by insurance if the procedure is deemed medically necessary. Below are images of insurance plans we accept.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Large breast can impact an individuals livelihood.  Patients with large breasts often have physical discomfort on their back and neck, effecting their livelihood.  With the breast reduction surgery, individuals can move freely and find comfort in their skin.


How We Do It


  • Enjoy physical activities more
  • Alleviated back and neck pain
  • Comfortably wear swimsuits, low cut tops, and button-up shirts.
  • And also boost your self confidence and self esteem
  • Individual results may vary



Breast reduction surgery is mostly for those who are uncomfortable with their large breasts.  In addition, individuals with gynecomastia (an abnormal enlargement of breasts) may also proceed into having the breast reduction surgery.




The exact cost varies depending on the patient’s needs. Please contact us and schedule a complete patient consultation with Dr. Michael Obeng.  Our Beverly Hills facility will accommodate the most accurate cost estimates for your specific procedural needs. If you’re not in the Beverly Hills or Los Angeles area, visit our travel section to arrange a trip to Miko Plastic Surgery.

Recovery Time

After your surgery, you will wear a post-surgery bra or a sports bra for three months. Dr. Michael K.Obeng recommends to have at least a week off work post-surgery as part of the recovery period.

In case of complications, you can contact MiKO Plastic Surgery. We will do our best to guide you to have a safe and comfortable recovery.

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