Breast Lift

Breast Lift

A Breast lift which is also known as a mastopexy is a plastic surgery procedure that involves the removal of excess skin from the breast and lifting of sagging breast by tightening the surrounding tissues. The aim of this procedure is to restore the youthful shape and firmness to the breasts which might have been lost by weight loss or age. This procedure is usually done under general anesthesia.

The technique to be considered for a breast lift depends on:

  • The size and shape of the breast
  • The degree of sagging
  • The position of the areolas (The pigmented or darker skin surrounding the nipple)
  • The amount of extra skin

What are the benefits of Breast Lift?

  • Youthful looking breasts
  • High perky breasts
  • Firmer breasts
  • Boost your self confidence and self image


Potential patients have the follow characteristics:

  • Anyone who experienced extensive weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding or aging
  • Anyone with sagging breasts who wants to enhance their look
  • Must be healthy both physically and mentally
  • Anyone who want to have a young look

Breast lift in Beverly Hills


  • Standard (Anchor-Pattern) Lift is most commonly used in which the areola and nipple are relocated to a higher position on the breast.  In addition, the Dr. Michael K.Obeng will trim the excess skin and then close he incisions.  Patients with smaller breasts have longer lasting results compared to those who have bigger breasts.
  • Doughnut Mastopexy involves less skin removal and results in a significantly faster recovery time compared to the standard “anchor” technique. However, this technique may not be a good option for patients with larger breasts.
  • Laser Breast Lift provides a longer-lasting solution for patients with sagging breasts. Unlike the traditional surgery, this procedure makes use of the excess skin as support to the underside of the breast. All breast sizes are candidates for this breast lift technique.

What is the cost of a Breast Lift

The exact cost of breast lift plastic surgery varies depending on the patient’s goals. Please contact us and also schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Obeng.  Our Beverly Hills facility will accommodate the most accurate cost estimates for your specific procedural needs. If you’re not in the Beverly Hills or Los Angeles area, visit our travel section to arrange a trip to Miko Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills.

Recovery Time

After surgery, most patients experience soreness or tenderness in the treated area.  Other side effects include bruising, swelling, numbness and nipple sensitivity. Dr. Michael K. Obeng will prescribe necessary medications for your pain. Full recovery may take about six months to a year before your breasts settle into their new shape.

In case of any complications, you can contact MiKO Plastic Surgery and we will do our best to guide you to have a safe and comfortable recovery.

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