Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

The ideal shape of an individuals backside is a matter of opinion, but many women and men of this modern age prefer an uplifted, rounded appearance to the buttocks. A rounded hip area naturally makes the waist appear smaller, creating a curvy, more refined silhouette. MiKO Plastic Surgery can perform a buttocks augmentation, more popularly known as a Brazilian Butt Lift, to enhance your body contours.


How We Do It


Most plastic surgeons use a fat transfer method for buttocks augmentation, re-positioning body fat from unwanted locations to pad and reshape the posterior. Some surgeons also use implants for a butt lift, but the Miko Plastic Surgery emphasizes natural, less invasive treatment and does not offer implants. Dr. Michael K. Obeng uses advanced “Tickle” liposuction to harvest stem-cell enriched fat from the patient’s body, then transfers this fat to add shape, contour, and lift to the buttocks. At Miko Plastic Surgery, we especially recommend contouring of the waist or love handles in conjunction with the Brazilian Butt Lift as this accentuates the curvature of the buttocks.

Fat harvesting for your Brazilian Butt Lift gives you the added bonus of a sleeker midsection. The fat is commonly taken from the flanks (also known as “love handles”) which further emphasizes your new, rounded buttocks and pulls in the waist at the same time.


Recovery Time


You will notice a difference in your body shape immediately, but the full effects of buttocks augmentation are seen in about three months. Our Brazilian Butt Lift patients are usually very happy, and love shopping for clothes to show off their new body contours!

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