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Pregnancy and childbirth can take its toll on your body. From stretch marks to sagging skin, it can often seem like there is no way to get around these issues. Mommy makeover surgery is designed to revitalize the body once childbirth is over, so that a woman can feel young again. There are three parts of a mommy makeover surgery that are designed to reverse the damage that childbearing can do, and all three can be performed at MiKO Plastic Surgery by Dr. Michael K. Obeng, one of the best mommy makeover surgeons in the country.

How We Do Mommy Makeover Surgeries

It is very important that mommy makeover surgery is only considered after the child has weaned. Mommy makeover surgeries involve a breast lift, a tummy tuck and liposuction in affected areas, such as the stomach and the thighs. Scar revision can also be performed for patients who underwent cesarean sections. Dr. Michael K. Obeng is highly skilled at delivering the best results for new mothers.

What Does Mommy Makeover Surgery Treat?

  • Loose, saggy skin as the result of pregnancy
  • Stretch marks
  • Sagging breast tissue

Cost For Mommy Makeover Surgery

The costs for mommy makeover surgery depends on what issues you want to take care of. As there are many options for this surgery, the best way to get an accurate cost estimate is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael K. Obeng at MiKO Plastic Surgery, Beverly Hills by calling (310) 275-2705. Visit our travel section if you are visiting from outside the Los Angeles area so that you can make the appropriate arrangements for your travel.

Recovery Time For Mommy Makeover Surgery

As the procedures are done at the same time, the recovery process is less than if the procedures were done separately. Compression bandages will be required post-surgery, and drains will be used to remove fluid buildup that could cause recovery delay. Overall, recovery will take four to six weeks, and scars will fade after six months.
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