Abdominal Implants

Abdominal Implants

Abdominal Etching is a procedure performed by Dr. Micahel K.Obeng to create the illusion of a six pack. Abdominal etching is similar to liposuction,  cannulas are inserted into the body to suction out fat deposits. However, some fat is left behind to form the six pack illusion.

Abdominal Etching in Beverly Hills

How We Do Abdominal Implants

What Abdominal Implants can treat

  • Stubborn fat areas
  • Love handles
  • Loose hanging skin


An alternative is abdominal etching. Essentially, etching minimizes excess fat. In addition, etching is also a form of liposuction.

What it Costs

Pectoral Implants Surgery in Beverly Hills


The cost of abdominal implants or abdominal etching varies depending on the patient’s goals. Please contact us and schedule a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael K.Obeng. MiKO Plastic Surgery, Beverly Hills will accommodate the most accurate cost estimates for your Abdominal Implant procedural needs. If you’re not in the Beverly Hills or Los Angeles area, visit our travel section to arrange a trip to MiKO Plastic Surgery.


Recovery Time

After the surgery, you will be sent home wearing a compression garment to help with healing. In addition, Dr. Michael K.Obeng will prescribe you medication for any pain or discomfort. In case of any complications, you can contact Miko Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills and we will do our best to guide you to have a safe recovery.

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