Avoid gaining weight on Holidays

You Can Have a Cake and Eat it too
‘Tis the most social time of the year, reunions left and right and you just can’t help to let loose a little bit because another trip to the buffet table’s is as tempting as ever. Two, three trips down the food station, you realized you’ve had way too many than your usual portion. Next thing you know, you’re adding pounds on the scale.

For conscious weight watchers, the holidays can be a struggle to stay focused and faithful to your diet plan. However, you can have a solid plan on how to battle weight gain after the season of endless feasts.

Stick To The Serving Size.
If you’re gonna have a slice of pizza, go ahead. Just make sure you’re getting just enough for yourself that’s right around the suggested portion to make sure you’re right on track with the number of calories you’re consuming everyday.

Drink Lots of Water.
Water is every person’s best friend when on a diet. Drink 1­2 glass before and after meals to create that satiated feeling even before you start eating. In this way, you’d be able to consume less without even realizing it because you already feel full!

Workout Before Your First Meal.
Overeating can produce a surplus or amounts of unused calories in your body. To ensure you won’t gain weight, sneak in a good cardio before having a first meal the following day so you can put those unused food energy into good purpose and you’ll end up feeling good right after.

Fast Before Your Next Meal.
Go on a temporary intermittent fasting when you know you’re bound to have a series of food escapades. You can fast between 14­16 hours (for Women) and 16­18 hours (for Men) in between your first and last meals. If your last meal was at eight in the evening, you can have your first meal at twelve noon the following day. This allows your body to use up unused energy to avoid them being turned into stored fats.

Be sure to stay strong and motivated throughout the holidays and weight gain won’t definitely be a problem of yours. Need further help on how you can win the holiday and stay perfect in shape? Schedule a consultation now with Hollywood’s leading team of cosmetic professionals headed by Dr. Michael K. Obeng now. You can place your queries or call the clinic in the following contact details: office@mikoplasticsurgery.com 310­275­2705

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