Undergoing a cosmetic surgery is an investment that every patient wants to keep for as long as possible. While successful results are just right around the corner after days of leaving your doctor’s clinic, you have to keep in mind that in order to ensure your results last long, you have to do your own share as nothing can fully stop the inevitable effects of aging, lifestyle habits, and genetics.

To make sure you get to successfully keep the good results for the years to come, here are some things you can do, as advised by the professionals themselves:

  1. Keep a healthy diet and exercise regularly.
    With body contouring procedures, your body can instantly be shaped up. However, the results can only last as long as you maintain a healthy weight. Fat removal procedures such as liposuction can permanently remove targeted fat cells. However, on the event that you gain weight, these fat cells set in other areas will expand, bringing you back to square one of your progress. Pro Tip: Take time to fully heal before you hit the gym. This can be a tough time for active patients as the recovery period will hinder their workout routine. However, one should not be hasty in letting their body heal from the procedure to make one can step back into the gym as soon as the recovery period’s over. In the meantime, make sure a healthy diet is actively involved while healing.
  2. Keep a good skin regimen.
    After undergoing a procedure, scars are inevitable and proper skin care makes a huge difference as it will help you get the best of results.It’s critical to follow your doctor’s postoperative restrictions as these will help you avoid straining your scars and cause them to become wider and visible. Secondly, always ensure that you protect your incisions from the heat of the sun, keep the area around it clean and use necessary ointments prescribed by your doctor. Pro Tip: Follow your surgeon’s postoperative instructions to ensure your skin’s at its top condition and save yourself the time and money by avoiding all the harmful things stated by your doctor.
  3. Maintain healthy habits.
    You are what you eat. What you put in your body definitely will reflect in your body, even after surgery. Most surgeons prohibit their patients from smoking a few weeks before and after surgery because nicotine greatly impacts the body’s ability to heal. Prolonged recovery could lead to complications. Pro Tip: You have to be transparent with your doctor when it comes to your lifestyle habit to ensure you’re given the proper care that you need. Your surgeon will guide you on the proper steps that you need to take before and after surgery to ensure you get the best of results and heal quickly. So be sure you’re honest about everything you’re putting into your body as a lot of things are at stake. These three things may seem simple but these brings multitudes of impact. Cosmetic surgery is a huge decision and an investment that can bring change into a person’s life. One can only ensure that the procedure is backed up with a good plan of action to follow all the necessary steps that will guarantee successful results.

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