Here are some tips after getting a rhinoplasty for a fast recovery

In the facial landscape, our nose is the mountain that shapes our entire face. The olfactory area is so distinct that you can instantly trace a person’s ethnicity by just one look of the nose. The nose is a distinct feature that even through the most discreet of changes, it can automatically transform a person’s facial dynamics.

You often hear the word “nose job” from popular T.V. or from famous personalities in this day and age. In real life, nose job or more technically referred to as “Rhinoplasty” is essential for several reasons aside from the enhancement of facial aesthetics. For people who have undergone accidents that affected the shape of their nose, rhinoplasty is needed to correct the shape of the organ to ensure the pathway is upright, causing no annoying disturbances in the person’s daily life.

If you’ve recently undergone the procedure, keep in mind these ten things to avoid to ensure fast recovery:

Avoid Swimming. After undergoing the procedure, your nose will be tender for any vigorous activities such as diving. This will cause your nose to move and will hamper fast recovery. Not to mention if you’re factoring in the amount of chlorine that will get into your nose. Stir clear from the pool for four weeks until your nose has fully healed.

Avoid blowing your nose for two weeks. Hands off from your nose for obvious reasons.

Avoid working out vigorously for two weeks. Strenuous workouts that force your body to exert high levels of effort can affect your sensitive areas. In this case, your nose. Lay low from working out with full force for at least two weeks to give your nose enough time to recover.

Avoid moving your face too much. Since your nose is at the center of your face, any exaggerated movement will cause stress around the olfactory region. Be mindful with your facial movements for the next two weeks to make sure your nose heals right, giving you the result you want.

Avoid brushing your teeth harshly. What’s the connection between brushing your teeth and your nose? Simple. Brushing your teeth can cause your upper lip to move more that you expect. To note, your upper lip is connected to your nose. So any vigorous moment that directly affects your upper lift, also affects your nose.

Avoid wearing clothes without buttons. Having to pull down a clothing from your head to your body can be a chore for someone with a sensitive nose. For the next couple of weeks, it’s advisable to use clothes that have buttons on them so it will be easier for you to put them on and take them off.

Avoid wearing eyewears. If you have prescription glasses, better go for contact lenses for the next four weeks to avoid putting any strains around your nose.

Avoid the harsh sun. When a body part is trying to heal itself from a procedure, best to stay away from harsh temperature to prevent infections due to sun exposure that might lead to permanent discoloration on your nose.

Avoid smoking for weeks. This tip applies before and after surgery. Smoking causes extra effort in breathing, which means your nose will do more work than the usual.

If it’s your first time to undergo a cosmetic procedure, be sure to choose the doctor you’re most comfortable with. The surgery process is already stressful on the emotional level, but with the right doctor, things will go as smoothly as planned. Not sure who to call? Go for Beverly Hill’s most trusted cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Michael K. Obeng who has been working with top names in Hollywood so you’re definitely in the right hands. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael K. Obeng, go over to Miko’s website or simply drop them an email at

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