At MiKO Plastic Surgery Dr Michael Obeng performs a wide range of procedures associated with breast reconstruction. The breasts are often perceived by women to be an integral aspect of their appearance and hence their confidence. With our state of the art technology and advanced techniques implemented by Dr Michael Obeng, you can rest assured knowing that your assets are in the good hands here at MIKO Plastic Surgery. During your consultation the doctor will work with you to come up with a specialized treatment plan to achieve your desired results. Breast implants, breast reductions, and breast augmentations are just a select few of the procedures that can be performed to enhance the appearance of your breasts.


Breast augmentation or implants are one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures available, giving women the ability to alter the size, shape, or symmetry of their breasts.

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As women get older, they lose elasticity in their skin; and their breasts begin to sag. Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) can restore the youthful shape and firmness to the breasts.

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Breast Reconstruction falls into two categories: breast implants or flap reconstructions. Implants involve placing silicone or saline beneath the chest muscle while flap reconstructions remove muscle, fat, or skin from another part of the body to reconstruct the breasts.

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If you feel that your breasts are overly large and not in proportion with the rest of your body, then a breast reduction procedure might be ideal for you. 

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