Whether the patient is seeking to tighten specific areas with liposuction or completely resculpt their physique with a mommy makeover, we use an extensive approach, that addresses not only the skin, but also the underlying muscles, fat, and fascia to achieve natural result.


For some people losing fats in certain parts of their body is impossible even with a strict diet and exercise regimen. Removing this fat is possible through liposuction whereby the fat is sucked out of the area using a thin tube. 

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A tummy tuck which is also known as an abdominoplasty has become a popular surgery in recent years as way to flatten the stomach. Excess fat around the abdominal region is removed which can make the stomach appear more toned and flatter. Some women opt to have this procedure performed after giving birth.

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Butt or gluteal augmentation improves the appearance and shape of the lower back and butt region. The implants are safe and similar to the natural feel of a toned butt. If you are looking to lift, enhance, contour or enlarge your gluteal region then a butt implementation may be a good fit for you.  

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A brachioplasty is performed for patients looking to remove excess skin and fat between the underarms and elbow. Often as people age, or if someone has just lost a lot of weight the skin on their upper arm may start to sag as it loses its elasticity. An arm lift can provide a more youthful image and improve confidence.

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Many people are turning to pectoral implants to achieve the desired shape and physique of their upper body. Not everyone is able to attain the definition and tone in their pectoral muscles simply through exercise due to their genes, age or medical conditions. These people are turning to custom made implants to get the results they want.

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