Post Operation

MiKO Plastic Surgery Care Package

Postoperative care is very essential at our practice; because post operation follow up guarantees that all MiKO patients have a safe and seamless recovery. At MiKO plastic surgery, we pride ourselves in patient care, before, during, and after the procedure. Please, take the time to view our post operation options below in order to be prepared for your post-procedural needs.

Breast Implant Massage Exercises
Breast Augmentation Post Operation
Breast Reduction Post Operation
Liposuction Post Operation
Brazilian Butt Lift Post Operation
Abdominoplasty Post Operation
Eyelid Lift Post Operation
Ear Surgery Post Operation
Rhinoplasty Post Operation
Jackson Pratt Drain Instructions
Post Operative Instructions
Capsulectomy Post Operation Instructions
Before Surgery Instructions
Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery
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