Miko Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills specializes in rhinoplasty, face lift, neck lift surgery, and other cosmetic procedures in Beverly Hills.

Neck Lift Surgery in Beverly Hills

Neck lift surgery improves the appearance of your neck making it look young. Basically, it repairs the excess fatty deposits under the chin and fixes the loose neck skin. Also, this procedure usually caters to individuals who have unattractive neck due to aging. Other patients also get a face lift and rhinoplasty in addition to neck lift surgery to achieve that always young look.

At Miko Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills, we offer only the best and safe cosmetic surgery procedures that will help you achieve that dream face and dream body.  Contact us today to get a consultation with our certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng.

Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery

  • Repairs the sagging loose skin on your neck
  • Eliminates the “turkey neck” look
  • Improves daily life
  • Have a younger and thinner appearance overall
  • And also, increase your self esteem and self confidence

Neck Lift Surgery Patient Experience

Potential patients must be in great health both physically and mentally to proceed with this procedure. This plastic surgery procedure is one of the most reliable and safest plastic surgery procedure. Basically, this cosmetic surgery is performed with very minimal incisions which leads to less scarring.

Some patients also get liposuction, face lift or rhinoplasty in addition to neck lift surgery.  Contact Miko Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills for a consultation and to set up a plan to help you achieve your most beautiful look.

Cost of Neck Lift Surgery in Beverly Hills

The exact cost of neck lift surgery in Beverly Hills varies depending on the patient’s goals.  Our Beverly Hills facility offers affordable cosmetic surgery procedures to help you achieve that dream look.  Contact our certified plastic surgeon Dr. Obeng for a consultation at his Beverly Hills office.  If you are not in the Los Angeles or Beverly Hills area, please visit our travel section to plan your visit at Miko Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills.


*Individual Results May Vary