Here are some Things You Should Know About before getting a Pectoral Implant

Body implants is comparatively new when you compare it to the history of facial implants that can be traced all the way back to more than five decades. Body implants, however, have been done for less than two decades.

Pectoral implants, a type of body implant used to enhance the male chest, are mostly used for aesthetic muscle enhancement or a correction of congenital deformities such as the Poland’s syndrome. This procedure has become popular throughout the years because of its favorable outcome with a low risk of complications. However, like most bodily procedures, pectoral implants has its own share of misconceptions.

A Pectoral Implant Is Different From A Breast Implant.
A breast implant is composed of a two­ part medical device that uses outer silicone shell (bag) which contains either saline or silicone gel. Pectoral implants on the other hand are made of a solid silicone material that are far stronger than the silicone gels used for the breasts.

A Pectoral Implant Is A Muscle Implant.
Body implants are unique as they are designed to do muscle augmentation so they really are considered ‘muscle implants.’ Even though they are solid implants, they still are soft and flexible, similar to how muscles act. They are made of a low durometer silicone material for flexibility that doesn’t tear the implant itself.

Pectoral Implants Are Not Just For Body Builders.
Most people think that when get pectoral implants, it’s solely for bodily aesthetic purposes. Contrary to popular belief, this is the most uncommon reason why men undergo the procedure. The most frequent reason why men hop in for pectoral implants is to correct chest deficiencies or asymmetries due to a congenital or developmental anomaly.

Pectoral Implants Are Available In A Variety of Shapes and Sizes.
Pectoral implants are not a “One Size Fits All.” You have to consider that the shape and size of men’s chests are very different so a key measure to a successful procedure is matching the implant size and shape to each individual’s own chest shape and size.

Pectoral Implants Are Placed Through High Axillary Incisions.
The incision to place the implant should be done smoothly, hidden in plain sight in order for a pectoral implant surgery to be rendered top­notched and well done. The only place to insert the implants is through an incision up in the armpit or the axillary region.

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